“Don’t half-ass anything. Whatever you do, always use your full ass.”
Amanda Keller

Growing up in a small town called Double Springs, Alabama. I learned to be tough at a young age. I was different than other kids. I was diagnosed with dyslexia in the 1st grade. Kids made fun of me and that’s how the jokester I am today was born. If I made them laugh about other things then they weren’t laughing at my disability.

I was told by a teacher in high school that I needed to go work at a mobile home plant because I would never make good enough on the ACT to go to college. I showed her. I got a Medical assisting degree and worked in the medical field for 14 years.

I’ve always been known for being a rebel and doing it my way. My life seems like one big party to some. It’s far from that. Every day we make choices that define who we are. I’ve made my fair share of bad ones, but those bad choices define who I am today and that is the best me I can be. I enjoy riding down the dirt roads of Winston County, listening to some good ole country music. Shooting guns, hunting, and fishing is a way of life around here. My friends and I enjoy having fun and raising hell on the weekends. Which sometimes gets me into trouble. I also enjoy working out. I got into fitness and lost 50lbs. I have been able to keep it off with diet and exercise.

I am currently married to my fifth husband. He is a wonderful hard working man and the love of my life. Our lives are far from perfect, but we do our best. I never had kids of my own, but God blessed me with some really great step kids and I can’t forget about my two dogs Crimson who is a red nose pit bull and Ollie Mae a teacup poodle. What a combo right? My heart is huge, I love with all of it. My personality is big and there is no filter on my mouth. I work hard, play hard, and that’s the story of my life.

Amanda’s Audition Video