“I’d rather be everyone’s shot of whiskey than everyone’s cup of tea “
Beth Hurt

Beth is a 32 years old mother of two living in Oxford, Alabama. She is the mother of two beautiful children. Beth is in a committed relationship and feels they have a great future together. She works in the car business.  Yes… a woman who sells cars … and she loves what she does!

In her time away from work, Beth loves to fish, hunt for snakes (and shoot them) hunting, kayaking and just making life an adventure. “That’s what it’s all about! Adventure, and spontaneity,” says Beth. She believes she is a strong independent woman, and the challenges she’s faced in life has made her stronger.

Besides all the drama I deal with on a day to day basis.. if I can touch the life of one person thru my story, I will have done my job.

Beth’s Audition Video