“The calendar has two seasons  – Alabama football season and waiting for Alabama football season.”
Emily Smotherman

Emily grew up in north Alabama, in the small town of Toney.  She went to Hazel Green High School until her junior year, when she dropped out of public school and enrolled in a homeschool program.  She later received her G.E.D while maintaining two full-time jobs. Emily is now a Commercial Parts Pro (CPP) at Auto Plus Auto Parts.  She has worked in the auto parts business for seven years now.

Emily has done everything from, making the parts at Federal Mogul, to selling them at different part stores.  She has accomplished getting her ASE certification in the parts industry.  Emily is also a wife to Lakin “Opie” Womack.  The two lovebirds have been together since 2010.  They have a six-year-old handsome little boy named Waylon, which is very outgoing. (The boy is SOMETHING ELSE)   Emily, and Opie both compete in off road racing together. The two consider their race nights as “date nights.”

Her hobbies include riding horses, deer hunting, cruising around on the mountain, mud bogging, fishing, swimming, and the most important WATCHING ALABAMA FOOTBALL!!!  Emily says that riding horses is her escape when life gets tough.  She has a strong passion for deer hunting! Any chance she gets during the season she hits the woods!  Emily has a 79 square body Chevy that she takes mud bogging, she tries to go out there and prove to the guys that girls can do it better!!  During the summer months she is all about hitting the water to do a little fishing, once it gets too hot it’s time to dive in for a refreshing swim.

Emily sees the calendar as having two seasons; Alabama football season and waiting for Alabama football season! During the football season, Emily likes to get everyone (family and friends) together to watch the game. She also makes all different kinds of finger foods for everyone to chow down on while cheering on The Tide!

When Emily was about five years old her grandmother had her standing in a chair at the stove learning how to cook. Emily loved the bonding time with her grandmother. Emily is a very family oriented person!  Family means EVERYTHING to her!  Any chance she can get the whole family together, no matter what the cause may be, she does her best to help make it happen.

Emily’s Audition Video