“Keep your soul clean and your boots dirty!”
Leah Seawright

Leah was born, raised, and still resides in the beautiful lush mountains surrounding Fort Payne, Alabama. “We didn’t have many material things, growing up. Times were hard for a lot of folks. We did have music. That has been a constant in my life.  I remember every weekend, folks would come over.  We would play guitars and sing. I’m thankful to have been given such a gift, one that money can’t buy.”

Seawright grew up tough, having several male cousins as playmates. “I remember being the only girl on the baseball team. I’d come home all dirty from a game. I’d get cleaned up, then go compete in a beauty pageant, wearing a borrowed dress,” she laughs.

In high school, she performed with a southern rock band. Singing in the band wasn’t her only job, however. “Oh Lord, I’ve done every kind! I’ve been a waitress, worked in sock factories, even worked in an outdoor store. I dipped minnows, fletched arrows, and skinned deer!” she recalls with the ever-present smile in her voice.

As an adult, Leah is a full-time mom with 3 kids. She homeschools her two boys, allowing them to travel throughout the South and beyond. Racing against drivers having decades more experience, they manage to bring home the checkered flag many nights. Remarkable, considering their ages, 13 and 16 years old. “They race in the fastest divisions of course, making me gray before my time. I do a lot of prayin!” she exclaims.

Leah also enjoys touring and performing with her current band. “I have an awesome group of talented guys that I’m blessed to share the stage with. They’ve been with me going on eight years now. We perform everywhere from big city arenas, smoky bars, rodeos, to cow pastures down dirt roads,” she says. Leah has written and recorded two gospel albums and two country albums.”I write a lot about the strength of southern women, our values, our faith, and of course our redneck way of life!.” she states.

In 2013, Leah hosted a hunting show that was featured on Fox Sports South and The Outdoor Channel. “I’ve been hunting, shooting guns, boating, hiking, muddin’ and making music all my life. My definition of ‘Redneck’ is tough, hardworking, patriotic, country honest, and family strong. I am so looking forward to showing what that’s like on Redneck Housewives of Alabama!”

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